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Three types of scams that could affect your small business

Every business owner knows: starting and operating your business hardly ever runs smoothly. Every business owner should expect the unexpected, and be vigilant of anything that could hurt their businesses, their employees or their bottom line.

Why every business owner should have a business succession plan

Running a business is tough - the last thing that may be on your mind is what happens after you can't run it anymore. Far too many business owners fail to have a business succession plan in place for when they retire, die or are incapacitated, and it could put the very existence of your business at risk.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Buy-Sell Agreement

When a new business is launched, the owners are like a couple in love – they cannot imagine a day when they would want to separate. Yet, the five Ds of business partnerships (death, disability, divorce, departure, dissolution) are always lurking, which is why business owners need buy-sell agreements to protect themselves.

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