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Does your full coverage automobile insurance cover everything?

If you have automobile insurance, chances are good you believe you have a "full coverage" policy. But what exactly does that insurance cover? Most people who purchase auto insurance assuming it is a full coverage policy don't know all the details.

In short, it is a myth - there is no such thing as "full coverage" auto insurance. It's a name that encompasses a wide range of policy options, many of which may or may not be automatically included in your plan.

What most of us consider a full coverage policy is one that combines collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, bodily injury liability, property damage liability, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, and medical payments or personal injury protection.

Not every type of coverage that is considered part of a full policy is required in each state. Some states require certain coverage but not others. In the state of Kentucky, bodily injury liability and property damage liability insurance are required, so if you are purchasing a basic auto insurance plan you are already covered.

However, there are some full coverage policy options that Kentucky does not require, and you will need to be sure the plan you are purchasing covers if you would like a full coverage policy. For instance, personal injury protection coverage is required, except for motorcycles, which means your motorcycle insurance policy may not automatically include PIP coverage if you don't add it. Collision, comprehensive, and underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage is optional in Kentucky as well, and would need to be purchased separately.

But even if your policy covers all of these areas, the details and protection vary based on your provider, and it doesn't mean you are fully protected from any scenario. This is crucial if you are ever in an automobile accident, because the value of the case is driven by your insurance.

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