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Majority of young drivers confident in ability to text and drive

Distracted driving is just as big an issue across the country as drunk or drugged driving, if not bigger. But even with the rise in texting and driving fatalities, there is little being done to combat this danger.

One problem is that it can be difficult to prove whether or not a driver was distracted behind the wheel, like you often can when they are under the influence. This makes it difficult to enforce any laws that attempt to punish distracted drivers.

But a recent study highlights an even bigger problem: Many people are confident in their ability to text and drive. While 90 percent of respondents believe texting and driving should be illegal, a third of them are at least somewhat confident in their ability to drive while texting.

Distracted Driving Habits

The study also highlights a significant division between young and old drivers. Some of details of the survey are outlined below:

  • 62 percent of drivers aged 18-34 are confident in their ability to text and drive, yet 64 percent of this age group believe texting and driving is the most common cause of auto accidents
  • 34 percent of all drivers are confident in their ability to text and drive, but 83 percent of respondents believe police should be able to pull drivers over for being on their phones
  • While the majority of drivers believe texting and driving is dangerous, many of them do not see a problem with listening to music, using maps or making a call while behind the wheel.

These statistics show that while drivers are aware texting and driving is dangerous, many believe they are immune to that danger. There is also a belief that texting is the only dangerous distraction while behind the wheel, which could lead drivers to haphazardly use apps or make calls while driving.

When you are on the road, remember that nobody is immune to the potential danger of distracted driving. When your life and the lives of those around you are at stake, you can afford to wait just a little longer to check your phone.

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