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Drugged driving fatalities on the rise nationwide

When you are operating a vehicle, you should always be in a clear and focused state of mind. Driving drunk or under the influence of drugs is a sure-fire way to get yourself into a serious accident, and possibly face criminal charges should you be pulled over by law enforcement.

We recently discussed the dangers of drowsy driving, but there’s an even bigger danger that’s on the rise. As heroin use becomes a national epidemic, many heroin abusers are now taking the drug in their car immediately after getting more – leading to a rise in drug-related car accident fatalities.

Drunk driving vs. drugged driving

AP recently reported the increased danger in drugged driving. Nationally, they found, fatalities resulting from drugged driving have risen over 270 percent between 1993 and 2015 – from 2,003 deaths to 7,438.

They also note that while drug-related accident fatalities are soaring, drunk-driving accidents are on the decline – falling 24 percent since 2006.

The reason could largely be due to how people use alcohol and heroin. While there is a risk that people will drink at a social event and drive home, the majority don’t drink while they are driving, as drinking alcohol is more of a social activity.

Those who abuse heroin, on the other hand, may be going through withdrawal. Once they get more, they don’t have to wait to take it – often opting to use it while in the car before driving home.

Some, the AP reports, will also use it with their foot on the brake – so if they overdose, the car with begin to move and someone will notice, and save them.

Both drunk and drugged driving are illegal, but even more importantly they put your life in serious danger. Think twice before you put your life, and the lives of many others on the road, at risk.

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