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More children die from motor vehicle accidents in southern states

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injury in our country. But while everybody is at risk when it comes to car accidents, one study suggests that children in particular are more at risk in the South than elsewhere across the country.

A study by The Journal of Pediatrics analyzed auto accidents involving minors across the 50 states, and found that pediatric mortality rates were higher in Southern and Midwestern states than those in the Northeast. Parents should take extra precaution when driving with their children in the car, ensuring all measures are taken to protect them.

Why is this the case?

The child mortality rates for motor vehicle accidents are too drastic to be circumstantial. Instead, they are influenced heavily by not only state laws and regulations, but the roads themselves.

Many Northeastern states happen to have stricter laws surrounding vehicle safety, as well as a population that is keener to follow those laws. The cars driven also tend to be safer, and more traffic cameras to encourage the safe operation of vehicles.

Some Southern states may not have strict laws about seat belt use or safety restraints, and many people living in more rural areas have vehicles that could be more dangerous in the event of an accident. Additionally, there tend to be more accidents on rural roads, which have a greater chance of causing pediatric mortality.

Revising state regulations and increasing enforcement of those regulations could help even the scale – but simply the fact that the South (including Kentucky) has more rural roads could lead to a greater risk for your children. In order to best protect yourself, be extra careful when driving, and ensure you are being as safe as possible for your children’s sake.

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