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Blinded By Fall, 84-Year-Old Man Awarded $4 Million

One step in a sidewalk at a shopping center has led to a $4 million financial award in a personal injury lawsuit.

In March, a jury awarded an 84-year-old Pennsylvania man $4 million for an accident that left the man blind. The jury's verdict came more than four years after the plaintiff tripped over an unmarked step.

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The events leading up to the personal injury began in July 2012 when the plaintiff traveled to a shopping center to visit a coin shop.

As the man left, he walked on a shopping center sidewalk. The walkway was level except for a lone step, according to court documents. The man fell on the step and struck his left eye against a chair that sat outside a tattoo shop.

Prior to the accident the plaintiff had no functional eyesight in his right eye, so the injury left him blind, according to the plaintiff's attorney.

The attorney said he knew they had a case against the property owner when he saw a photo of the step, which was not marked to alert pedestrians. The attorney said the step remains unmarked.

The plaintiff said he wished the incident had never happened and he hopes the money will make life easier for his wife.

Why Was The Shopping Center Legally Responsible?

When you enter someone else's property, it is reasonable for you to expect you will not be injured. This means property owners are responsible for maintaining a reasonably safe environment. This legal theory is known as premises liability.

When property owners do not maintain a safe environment and an accident occurs, the injured party has the right to seek compensation for damages.


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