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April 2017 Archives

Kentucky bill will increase sentences for fentanyl trafficking

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the untimely death of singer-songwriter Prince Rogers Nelson, allegedly because of an accidental fentanyl overdose. While the loss of this music icon certainly brought attention to the drug, Kentuckians know that too many everyday people in the commonwealth are also dying from fentanyl overdoses.

Liability for injury and death from swimming-pool incidents

Kentucky in the summer is undeniably hot and humid for residents and visitors. Of course, jumping in the pool is a naturally refreshing remedy. Unfortunately, people of all ages are injured or die from accidents in private, commercial and public pools for many reasons.

Child custody disagreements require the help of an attorney

When you're getting divorced, you're likely going to experience a lot of emotions. You may struggle with anger, frustration or even hopelessness. Being separated from your children may be the hardest part. If your former spouse requested custody during the divorce proceedings, you might only be seeing your kids one night a week and every other weekend. Unless you are proactive and seek full or partial custody, that arrangement will likely continue after the divorce is finalized.

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