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How To Choose A Divorce Attorney Who Fits Your Needs

The initial consultation with a divorce lawyer is your opportunity to decide whether or not to retain him or her. Ask the seven questions below to help you determine if the lawyer is a good fit for your needs.

Is the attorney an effective communicator? An experienced divorce lawyer knows the law but does not know the details of your unique situation. In order to represent you effectively, your divorce lawyer will need to gather information about you. Is the attorney is asking pertinent questions and listening carefully to your answers? Is the attorney able to explain the law and your legal options in terms you understand?


Does the lawyer have experience with divorce cases? As with many professions, attorneys tend to focus on particular areas of the law; some attorneys never step foot in a courtroom, while others never attend real-estate closings. Divorce law is complicated. You do not want a lawyer who is learning on the job, at your expense.

Can you confide in the attorney? During the divorce process, it is likely you will have to share sensitive details about your life with your lawyer. Will you be able to do that with this attorney? 

Are you comfortable? Divorce attorneys can be flashy or restrained, loud or soft-spoken, have a big office or small office. The correct choice is what you prefer.

Are you satisfied with the attorney's philosophical approach to divorce cases? Divorce attorneys have different approaches, ranging from aggressive to caring. Are you happy with the attorney's approach?

How good is the support staff? This can be difficult to evaluate on the first visit, but skilled, compassionate staff members are crucial to the health of a law firm and to the success of your case. 

Is the attorney promising results? Attorneys know it is unethical to promise results. If a lawyer is promising specific results, then you need to look elsewhere.

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