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Three types of scams that could affect your small business

Every business owner knows: starting and operating your business hardly ever runs smoothly. Every business owner should expect the unexpected, and be vigilant of anything that could hurt their businesses, their employees or their bottom line.

Business scams are all too common, and often prey upon small businesses that don’t have the time or the resources to protect themselves against their tactics. Below are some common scams that target small business owners, as identified by the FTC.

Kentucky expands hate crime law to include law enforcement

Hate crimes are committed against people because of who they are, and are discriminatory in nature. That is why you often see hate crimes take place against those of a different race, nationality or religion than the attacker.

Recently, Kentucky expanded the protections under its hate crime laws to include police officers, firefighters, first responders and other members of law enforcement. The new measure aims to punish those who attack law enforcement just because they are law enforcement.

There may be a good reason to update your estate plan

Once you create an estate plan, you'll feel like the weight of the world has been removed from your shoulders. This relief makes it much easier to look toward the future with a clear mind.

Here's something to remember: Just because you create an estate plan doesn't mean that it should remain the same until the day you die. For example, estate planning in your 30s is not the same as estate planning in your 50s. As you age, you should consider the many changes you can make to improve your estate plan.

Study finds that driving tired could be worse than driving drunk

Everybody knows the dangers of drunk driving. Operating a vehicle with even a little alcohol in your system can greatly increase your odds of getting in a serious accident.

As dangerous as drunk driving is, drowsy driving may be even worse. And while there are laws in place to stop drunk driving, there is nothing stopping you from hitting the road with little sleep.

DOJ to make it easier for police to seize assets from suspects

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced this past week a reversal in policy for the Department of Justice that will soon make it easier for police to seize assets from suspected criminals. This is a change from the previous administration, which limited this practice in fear that cash and property could be taken from suspects without evidence that a crime has even been committed.

“No criminal should be allowed to keep the proceeds of their crime,” said Sessions at a speech in Minnesota. The practice of asset forfeiture is often used in the case of drug suspects, who may have excess cash as a result of their illegal dealings. However, this new announcement could have affects for suspects of virtually any crime across the country.

The hidden dangers of trampolines in the summer

Summertime is playtime for many of our kids. Children have off school and are able to play freely - but unfortunately there are many dangers that could cause your children to seriously injure themselves, putting a sudden end to their summertime fun.

We have written previously about the dangers of swimming pools, especially in relation to bacteria and parasites that may exist when the pool owners don't clean the water properly. But there are many other dangers you need to watch out for, on your own property and others. One that often goes unnoticed: trampolines.

Why every business owner should have a business succession plan

Running a business is tough - the last thing that may be on your mind is what happens after you can't run it anymore. Far too many business owners fail to have a business succession plan in place for when they retire, die or are incapacitated, and it could put the very existence of your business at risk.

There are numerous reasons why you should have a plan in place if you don't already. Aside from the peace of mind, these are three reasons why many business owners make business succession planning a priority.

Call White Peck Carrington, LLP to discuss establishing a business succession plan today.

Consider the many reasons to create an estate plan

Many people assume that they don't need to create an estate plan. They believe that their assets will automatically go to their spouse or children upon their death.

While there is no legal requirement to create an estate plan, there are many reasons why you should consider doing so (if you have yet to take action).

4 mistakes people make when they're pulled over for drunk driving

When you are pulled over for drunk driving or driving under the influence, the first thing you may do is panic. Especially if this is your first offense, you may not know your rights, and may make a fatal mistake that could make your charges worse.

We have seen far too many cases where someone gets charged with a DUI or DWI and attempts to resolve it themselves, instead exasperating the situation. If you are pulled over, avoid making one of these common mistakes.

More children die from motor vehicle accidents in southern states

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injury in our country. But while everybody is at risk when it comes to car accidents, one study suggests that children in particular are more at risk in the South than elsewhere across the country.

A study by The Journal of Pediatrics analyzed auto accidents involving minors across the 50 states, and found that pediatric mortality rates were higher in Southern and Midwestern states than those in the Northeast. Parents should take extra precaution when driving with their children in the car, ensuring all measures are taken to protect them.

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