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The staggering cost of stair-related injuries

Slips, trips and falls on staircases are more common than you may think. About half of U.S. homes have stairs in them, putting many of us at risk every day for a stair-related injury.

Many tumbles down the stairs result in minor scrapes and bruises, but some groups are particularly susceptible to serious injuries. The elderly could fracture bones, young children may sustain traumatic brain injuries, and pregnant women could harm themselves or their babies. While these groups are especially at risk, serious stair injuries could affect any of us.

Traffic violations are a source of funding for many U.S. cities

For many people who receive a traffic ticket, the penalties may seem minor. You may feel disgruntled, but choose to pay the fee anyway, to avoid the process of appealing a relatively small fine.

But what may look minor to you is a big deal to municipalities across the country. Many cities rely heavily on motor vehicle revenues – ranging from parking fees to gas taxes and towing charges.

Watch out for drunk drivers this Halloween

While we all have heard the stories about poisonous candy, or razor blades found in treats, these dangers should actually be the least of your worries. It turns out on Halloween, one of the biggest causes of injuries for both parents and children are caused by reckless drivers.

According to Safe Kids USA, children are over twice as likely to die in a pedestrian accident on Halloween night than any other day of the year. And analysis from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that as many as 26 percent of pedestrian accident fatalities on Halloween are the result of drunk driving.

Do you know the details of a parenting agreement?

If you're moving forward with divorce and have at least one child with the other individual, you know that you'll have to remain in touch in the future. After all, you want to do what's best for your child, which typically means making sure he or she spends time with both parents.

This is where a parenting agreement comes into play. If you are working through a child custody dispute, your end goal is to create a parenting agreement that both parents can follow in the future. This can go a long way in keeping you on track in the years to come.

Majority of young drivers confident in ability to text and drive

Distracted driving is just as big an issue across the country as drunk or drugged driving, if not bigger. But even with the rise in texting and driving fatalities, there is little being done to combat this danger.

One problem is that it can be difficult to prove whether or not a driver was distracted behind the wheel, like you often can when they are under the influence. This makes it difficult to enforce any laws that attempt to punish distracted drivers.

5 issues that could make your contracts invalid

Business owners across Kentucky know that success or failure can depend on the quality of the relationships they build, whether the relationships are with their customers, their employees or their partners.

In many cases, these relationships are defined with a contractual agreement. Such a document provides critical guidance and protection, so it is important that every contract be drafted properly and with the help of a legal representative. Failure to do this could lead to costly disputes, cancelled contracts and unenforceable terms. Below are five common issues that you want to be sure you avoid when drafting or signing any contract.

What happens if you refuse a Breathalyzer test in Kentucky?

When you are pulled over for drunk driving, do you have to take a breath test? In some states, you are able to decline the test with little to no consequences, and the lack of evidence makes it difficult for law enforcement to prove their case.

In Kentucky, however, declining to take a sobriety test (breath, blood or urine) comes with its own set of penalties – some worse than what comes with a DUI conviction.

Study: US crime rate drops to second-lowest level since 1990

Recently, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a gathering of law enforcement personnel that "violent crime is back with a vengeance."

"My best judgment is that, unfortunately, this is not a blip," he told the Alabama Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee conference. "I'm concerned that this might be a reversal of the progress we worked so hard to achieve, and we cannot accept that. We must fight back before this trend can grow."

The circumstances that could lead to the challenge of a will

In our last post, we talked about updating your will and why it is crucial to make frequent updates to this document. In the absence of proper updates, this document will not accurately reflect how you feel about your estate and it won't be executed in the way that you would have wanted it to.

Today, we want to talk about the other side of the will: the beneficiaries and how they may seek legal action against a will for a variety of reasons.

Will updates an important task to complete

Your will is one of the most critical documents that you will ever create. It will dictate how your estate is executed and managed. Of course there will be other documents to supplement your estate plan -- but the will is very important. However, some people simply create their will, leave it in a secure place, give a copy to their attorney, and then just forget about it.

This is the wrong way to deal with your will. By all means, you should secure it and send a copy to your attorney. But simply letting the document sit without an update for an extended period of time is a big "no-no."

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